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“…an excellent, highly prolific writer.”

The Hounds From Hell is a squad of misfits, led by Sergeant James “Black Jack” Larson. But, Larson’s killing of a young man is a demon he can’t seem to bury and leave behind him. Nightmare images and voices haunt him. Cries of “Drop the gun” and the gun aimed at him, belching its deadly projectile straight at him invade his sleep. In less then a heartbeat his keenly honed reflexes and survival instinct return fire spitting death into the chest of his would-be killer… (Reader’s Review)

"The author’s LEO and military experience shines thru."

Lilley nails the dialogue, dangers and constant jokes of cops.  I laughed out loud several times.  Lilley has a gift for words nailing his personal LEO experiences.  Loved it.  He’s written 3 in the Hounds genre; on to #2.

Bill Bentley

"Great read!"

Another great read from a fantastic author who has yet to disappoint me.  While reading it, you actually feel like you’re sitting across from the storyteller, which I love.  Great story line with some pretty interesting characters.  Some you like and a few you will truly hate.  Aside from the great story, it gives a bit of insight into some of the gritty back handed goings on among officers.

Sandee Stone


Knights in Tarnished Armor is the continuing saga of Sergeant James “Black Jack” Larson and his squad of “misfits” known as The Hounds From Hell.Knights begins with the abduction of a teenaged boy and girl, at gunpoint, by a fellow classmate on New Year’s Eve. His obsession with Jenny Brandt is the catalyst for the abduction. They are taken to his home where he tells Jenny he’s going to make her a porn star. While her boyfriend, Bart Masterson, is bound and left in another room Jenny is raped while the attack is filmed…

"Lilley’s 2nd book following Hounds From Hell."

Outstanding!  Lilley captures the lives of cops.  I couldn’t put it down.  I was happy to see that he has written Tainted Justice-Hounds From Hell III.  Definitely the next read for me.  Lilley’s long experience as a LEO and a Marine shines thru each word.

Bill Bentley


Sergeant James “Black Jack” Larson realizes he’s holding a time bomb of crime and corruption. The names rolling out of murdered IAD Sergeant Tony Rizzo’s “lost” files aren’t street level thugs. These are high profile men and women in the community, but Larson’s never backed down from those who believe they are above the law.From past experience Black Jack is aware he can’t drop the bomb he’s holding in the laps of just anyone. This is something that will require only the most trusted of law enforcement officers in his circle…


“If you come to my dojo you will never be promoted to any rank. You will always remain a white belt. But, I expect that you will be like all other Americans who came to my class and quit. I am too strict, much too tough for Americans. But, if you want to learn and learn the right way, come back and I will teach you.” Mr. Takeshi Miyagi directed those words to me on a rainy, November night in 1963. The following evening fellow Marine, Len Neidert and I returned to begin classes and were immediately served our very first dose of humble pie…


Loved this book.  The writing style helped draw me in as a reader and I didn’t want to put it down.  There are a few emotional moments that could have reduced me to tears, but that’s a testament to the author’s writing.

Anonymous Reader


Before the dawn of political correctness and the almost choking fear of offending someone, there was a brand of humor that deemed no one sacred. In the world of law enforcement lived those who dared to trample upon everything from the sanctity of motherhood to race and religion. There were no exemptions or exclusions and anyone could fall prey to a trivial barb or a very elaborate prank…

These are not just stories, they are part of a history that allowed officers, generally outnumbered and outgunned to survive.  If you need only one real good laugh, stop at Chapter One, but you won’t want to put the book down.

Laura Puls

"Great read for anyone interested in policing."

I found this book an absolute pleasure to read.  I had a permanent grin affixed to my face from beginning to end! I recommend it to anyone with even the slightest interest in law enforcement.

Kathleen Stephan


Fatal Destiny named 2013 Police-Writers.com Book of the Year. The brutal death of Dr. Pam Basu and forcible taking of her car on September 8, 1992 is the singular incident, which defined carjacking. Her senseless killing was truly the murder reported around the world. From CBS, NBC, and ABC to CNN and FOX News, People and Time Magazines, her death touched off a media frenzy. The outcry over Doctor Pam Basu’s murder brought thunderous applause from members of her community when they were told the suspects could face the death penalty…


Wounded in the line of duty and on the road to recovery, Jack Lacey returns with “Pops” his great grandfather to the “old homestead” for the holidays. There he works to restore the family church in time for Christmas Eve and find the spirit of Christmases from long, long ago. When he sees the job ahead as an impossible take, Pops simply smiles and says, “Just have faith and believe in your heart and all will be fine.” Yet, he remains skeptical, believing only a miracle will restore the old church in time for Christmas…


Jackson Riley’s unplanned stop at the Cedar Falls Horse Auction sets in motion a series of events that will forever alter his future. Immediately after walking into the arena he hears the familiar sound of a whip cracking and a horse cry out in pain. Within seconds he prevents the man from striking the horse again and orders him to drop the whip. When the man says the horse is worthless and can’t be trained, Jackson snaps, “You don’t train a horse with a whip.” He’s shocked when he says he’ll open the biding on the horse with an offer of $20.00 and the man accepts…


Diana Grayson is on the verge of a full blown panic attack.  Why?  Her parents will arrive at the airport at any moment to pick her up and meet her husband, a husband who doesn’t exist.

Diana, in an instant of work related frustration, told her mother she had gotten married.  Now, she awaits the inevitable when she will have to confess there is neither a “Mr. Right” nor even a “Mr. Wrong” in her life.  Suddenly her mother and father rush to greet her and eagerly ask to meet her husband.  Diana is about to confess that she has no husband when she sees a man picking up his luggage.  In an instant of utter insanity, she hurries to the man, throws her arms around him and kisses him rather passionately.

Seconds later she’s convinced him to help her and in no time at all he learns they are “husband and wife.”  Yet, he thinks this could be a perfect cover for his mission.  In her quest for an instant husband, Diana has unknowingly become involved with a State Trooper.

Lieutenant Cody Brennan is part of a covert operation with agents from the FBI and Interpol, working to lure an international jewel thief to Pine Tree Station and into a carefully baited snare.

Diana begins presenting him to business owners and the townsfolk, quickly finding she’s very comfortable introducing him as her husband.  She’s surprised how easily he charms her friends and wins the hearts of their children.  And soon he will become the hero of Pine Tree Station when he accepts the offer to quarterback their football team.

Over time Diana finds her feelings for him growing, but suspects there is much more to him than he professes.  When her suspicions are confirmed, she’s crushed and

is certain her dream of a life with Cody Brennan is over.

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